Dr. Nicholas Appleman O.D.

Dr. Nicholas Appleman graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in May 2010. His education includes a degree in Doctor of Optometry, Bachelor of Science in Visual Sciences and Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Sociology.

“We are excited to announce the hiring of Dr. Appleman to the team at Optic One” said Brad Scott Optic One President and General Manager.  “With our growing patient base this new announcement will allow us to serve our patients on many new levels.  Plans are in process to expand days and hours of operating to serve our patient needs.”

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Dr. Appleman to the Optic One Family” says Dr. Joseph J Reda Optic One Managing Owner and Founder.  “As we continue to grow we worked extremely hard to find the perfect candidate to support the level of customer service and premier service our patients have come to expect since 1975.”

“I’m honored to join the team and look forward to providing quality eye-care to the community!” stated Dr. Appleman during a recent visit to Optic One.